Ranbir Kapoor calls Anushka Sharma ‘tension queen’ as he makes a laugh of her mental fitness;

netizens strongly slam the star Ranbir Kapoor calls Anushka Sharma 'anxiety queen' as he makes amusing of her mental fitness;

the Chakda Xpress actress offers it returned to him and reveals he does capsules and leaves the Shamshera star shocked.

This antique video of Ranbir Kapoor's interview along side Anushka Sharma is going VIRAL

because of incorrect motives. Ranbir Kapoor's vintage video has surfaced online in which he may

be seen mocking Anushka Sharma's scientific condition and calling her 'tension queen'. In the video,

Ranbir says that she has to pop drugs even to have a communication and provides, "She takes anti-tension

capsules even if she has to have a communique due to the fact she is frantic". Later jokingly he tells,

she has mental problem, dental problem and hygiene hassle, but nonetheless, we take delivery of her. Anushka calls

him a 'terrible man or woman' for doing this and later offers it back by means of announcing that he 'does tablets'.