Olympian Mikaela Shiffrin Shares Her Superfood

Mikaela Shiffrin is one world-class athlete whose diet and sleeping habits we can definitely get on board with.

Unlike other Olympians or fitness icons who have diets that are impossible to emulate, the 27-year-old alpine skier’s food preferences

are simple and appealing. You won’t see her following low-carb, plant-based, or gluten-free diet fads. Instead, she opts for 

meals that fuel her active lifestyle – and that means carbs. Her superfood? Pasta. She told Business Insider, “Pasta is one of the things 

that I can almost always get down, no matter how I'm feeling.” Shiffrin added that one of her go-to dinners before

races is “pasta with chicken and maybe like a little bit of salad or something,” noting that the rest of her diet consists “carbs,

proteinvegetables.” Sometimes,would pasta“bolognese sauce or maybe just simple, with basil and garlic and olive oil.”

With pasta as her superfood, it’s no surprise she partnered with Italian brand Barilla and wears its logo on her 

ski gear during competitions Another pre-race rule the Olympic gold medalist always follows is to never take coffee It 

sometimes makes me jittery,” she explained “Especially on race day, when there's just a little higher tension anyway, it can make 

my stomach feel really out of whack Like coffee, Shiffrin generally forgoes alcohol, saying, “It makes sense with what I do.

She does have a go-to non-alcoholic cocktail, though “My favorite thing to drink is cranberry juice with a seltzer water.

That's just my favorite and I feel like that's the most refreshing thing She admitted that she herself the occasional booze, saying, “[E]very now

and then I'll have a glass of wine, or a beer, or a cocktail or something.” For her daily breakfast, she has eggs and toast glass water with a