Watch Michael Jackson's incredible transformation throughout the year

There turned into always lots of controversy surrounding Michael Jackson's look, the 'King of Pop' turned into born

an African American but his pores and skin coloration dramatically modified through the years.

Plastic surgical procedure changed into one of the predominant subjects of conversation while he was

nonetheless alive, mainly for going from black to completely white skinned.

He always denied present process surgery but the proof is simply too terrific to ignore, he become truly concern of many techniques for the duration of the years.

A video on Twitter depicts the drastic modifications he wen't via through the years, looking

how a whole lot he adjustments from the times of 'The Jackson Five' to the very last days of his existence is simply incredible.

But make no mistake, Michael Jackson is probably well-known for doing all types of questionable things throughout his life.

However, his track still lives directly to nowadays as one of the maximum brilliant artists of all-time.