Viral video: Korean students dance on Madhuri Dixit's hit song 'Ghagra'

In the viral video, group of Korean college students can be visible dancing to beats of Madhuri Dixit's song at 

the same time as dressed in traditional Indian attire Korean drama and K-Pop are famous among Indians, as it turned 

out Koreans too have terrific love for Bollywood music. A group of Korean students were, lately caught

on digital camera swaying to Bollywood big name Madhuri Dixit's hit tune "Ghagra" from the film "Yeh 

Jawaani Hai Deewani Korean Student Dance on Madhuri Dixit Song July 28, 2022 In the viral video, a set of 

Korean college students may be visible dancing to the beats of Madhuri Dixit's foot-tapping song at the same time as  

dressed in traditional Indian attire Boys in desi Kurta-Pyjamas and ladies in ghagras fired up the stage 

with their top notch dance movements READ photograph suggests IAS Athar Khan dancing with fiancé Mehreen 

Qazi  Korean Student Dance on Madhuri Dixit Song a group of Korean students can be seen dancing to the beats of