Golfer John Daly throws depraved warmness on a ceremonial first pitch in St. Louis There are few personalities as particular in pro

sports activities as John Daly's. The long-time golfing legend has constructed a persona around his colourful (and surly) demeanor, 

his straight-shooting attitude, a few great clothes, and, of path, having masses of talent to be a golfer on the PGA Tour. I'm no longer a detective 

 with the aid of any means, however we is probably forgetting certainly one of Daly's talents he would not get to share too regularly - his rocket arm at the baseball mound.

Before the Cardinals and Nationals squared off on Wednesday night time, Daly changed into marked down for the ceremonial first pitch.

He did no longer disappoint: BURLY ACE: Alek Manoah fuels Blue Jays' playoff push DAILY NEWSLETTER: Get the present day 

 sports activities news immediately for your inbox Man, it's a live arm. Right to the catcher's glove and a smooth shipping as may be. And in turn-flops!

I mean, no hyperbole, it's virtually one of the higher first pitches I've personally ever seen.At this point, it is probably fair to surprise -