Right-wing conspiracy concept related to Duke volleyball player is absurd something you could now not have observed. It's like QAnon. 

 Or mass voter fraud. It's every other conspiracy idea. This one? That Duke volleyball participant Rachel Richardson, who stated she changed into called 

 a couple of racial slurs while gambling in a game at BYU, made the entire aspect up. My electronic mail inbox has been crushed 

 with this conspiracy theory. It's grown throughout social media. The right wing has spent good sized time promoting it. But earlier than I damage down 

the absurdity of all of it, I need to go to a second after that recreation. It came about on CNN whilst Richardson's father, Marvin, was interviewed

 by way of host Brianna Keilar. This moment has basically long gone underneath the radar, however it's critical. You can

see the interview here. Marvin Richardson describes getting a smartphone call from his daughter, who changed into crying. Something turned into incorrect.

"After the game, she referred to as," he said, "and this became a exceptional call." THE INCIDENT: Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson

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She went on to explain to her father what happened. The moment is beneficial as it's contemporaneous. It suggests Rachel's mindset right now in a while.