Aaron Rodgers says taking ayahuasca helped improve mental health and spurred MVP season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed at the Aubrey

Marcus Podcast that he fed on ayahuasca previous to his lower back-to-back MVP seasons

crediting the plant-primarily based psychedelic for supporting produce  of

the fine seasons of his profession way to a alternate in attitude and development of his 

I don't think it is a accident," Rodgers said about prevailing his 1/3 and fourth MVPs

in 2020 and 2021 following an ayahuasca enjoy in South America. "I actually don't

I do not in reality believe in coincidences at this factor. It's the universe bringing matters to occur

There's signs and symptoms and synchronicities all round us at all times if we are wakeful

sufficient to see them and to take them in and to listen to our intuition while it's talking to

us or pounding us in the head announcing, 'Hey dummy, this is what you're presupposed to be doing