5 Best Embroidery Machine for Hats

When seeking out a new hat embroidery machine, many once-unswerving Singer brand lovers have soured at the producer. Likely because of a referred to decrease inside the satisfactory of their embroidery machines, on the grounds that this diminishment of value has reached unparalleled stages in recent years. It isn’t always the case for the Singer sewing machines, but, only for its embroidery collection.

That’s the principle reason why, after masses of hours of studies, we can simplest advocate Janome and Brother manufacturers whilst looking out for the best embroidery machine for hats and shirts.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hats Embroidery Machine

Finding (and buying) your excellent embroidery system for hats and shirts will rely on many non-public factors including one’s finances or preferred characteristic set.

  1. Research on line any prospective models you are inquisitive about, stitching fanatic YouTube channels may be a fantastic location to start for unvarnished opinions. If you opt for, your nearby sewing shop should be capable of provide recommendation, and maybe even some training on the use of your new embroidery system.
  2. Always cross for the largest embroidery region that you can afford. And don’t forget about, there’s a difference among a device’s most embroidery place and its well-known hoop sizes. You will easily outgrow a device that has a smaller hoop size capability. In short, the larger a system’s maximum embroidery location is, the better.

Best Hat Embroidery Machines

We’re big researchers due to the fact we’re usually running on as a minimum a bit of a price range, and we revel in considering as many alternatives as we will very carefully, regardless of what we’re buying, simply to ensure that we’re clearly investing our cash inside the right desire.

1. Brother PE800 5×7 Embroidery Machine

We already knew going into this search that sewing machines focusing on embroidery design, and extra specifically in embroidery as a way to transfer well to hats, became going to be a barely greater expensive endeavor than normal. That’s why we had been okay with it whilst we realized we have been feeling interested in automated fashions which have barely extra advanced displays and skills, like this one from Brother. This durable system has a 3.2″ LCD coloration touchscreen that helps you to navigate and preview your designs earlier than you place the system to work, developing the design inside a nicely-sized embroidery hoop and with particularly designed needles.

Brother PE800 5×7 Embroidery Machine

In phrases of the design capabilities themselves, this machine offers an outstanding range of templates and easy connectivity for custom designs you’ve created yourself, thanks to a easy USB port for uploading. In our opinion, however, the fine part of this specific version is the sheer variety of layout templates and language competencies, so you can in reality get creative, even before you’ve learned how to layout your very own.

This version has more than a few 138 built-in designs, including designs within topics like scrollwork, florals, and duvet patterns. This machine additionally gives you alternatives for creating embroidered lettering in seven English fonts, three Japanese, and one Cyrillic that’s beautiful for monogramming.


  • Comes with 138 built-in designs. 
  • Features a 5″ x 7″ hoop area for all your projects. 


  • It is a Brother machine, so it’s a bit expensive. 

2. Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Do you respect several of the capabilities that you noticed inside the system above as some distance as embroidery is going, but you could’t help wishing it had some extra specialized features when it comes to sewing as properly because you’re decided to improve with this machine partly as a substitute for your antique one? In that case, we’d in reality endorse taking a observe this subsequent design from Brother that’s similar inside the hat embroidery branch however has a bit extra to provide in the realm of ordinary stitching (as long as you’re prepared to pay for it).

Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Like the device above, this one comes with an excellent 138 embroidery layout range, as well as 11 font alternatives which might be excellent for monogramming (although this time they’re all English-primarily based). These are smooth to work with and edit thanks to a big LCD touchscreen that’s intuitive to navigate. This and the excellent five×7 embroidery field make it a splendid device for the hat-based totally initiatives you’re hoping to complete. When it involves the relaxation of your stitching tasks, but, this gadget is splendidly geared up as well!

Its auto-stitch settings are produced from a 240 built-in stitch variety (which includes both essential and ornamental alternatives), 10 exceptional options for car-sized buttonholes, and also some extra widespread functions like an automated needle threading and cutting machine and a jam-resistant drop-in bobbin winding capability that just about each person might be capable of navigate.


  • SE1900 Embroidery Machine have 240 built-in stitches.
  • Automatic threading function available.


  • Their required software is expensive. 

3. Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

If you’re going to make investments pretty so much money in a specific system, could you alternatively put extra of the emphasis of what you’re purchasing onto the display screen and its interactive competencies, because that’s in which you’ll preview and finalize the details of your embroidered design earlier than you genuinely make a begin on the hat you’re operating on? Well, specifically in case you’re additionally nonetheless a bit bit interested in having the machine additionally function a fully functional stitching system, then we suppose you might get alongside a bit higher with some thing like this model from Janome!

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The backlit LCD display successfully shows all stitch and design options (of which there are numerous) and helps you to put the completing touches on custom portions, which you could import using the included ATA PC card. The touchscreen offers you the ability to amplify, reduce, flip, turn, and integrate primary photos before you start the embroidery on a hat or different surface in a area as much as five×7 in peak and width. This particular machine percent additionally presents you with sew memory, a double-needle defend, quite a number various and removable presser toes, a free arm function for sleeves and cuffs, and all the standard adjustable stitching functions made easy to use way to visually categorised turning dials.


  • A touch screen available for easy selection.
  • Multiple presser feet available. 


  • Some threads can get tangled easily.

4. Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger and Embroidery Machine

For the forms of tasks you usually want to create, do you really prefer to work with a serger over a stitching gadget greater regularly than not? Then we think you’ll get along a lot better with this opportunity system from Singer that could be a fully equipped serger and also an embroidery device that works properly for hats. In phrases of its serging electricity, this model offers you the potential to work with anywhere from one to five threads straight away, giving it a terrific cowl stitch impact.

Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger and Embroidery Machine

It additionally gives you a self-adjusting tension device that works on car-sensing era, however you could additionally take over manually with an clean dial. The model will assist you to adjust sewing pace, route, stitch duration and width, and without difficulty lets you pick out between four fundamental types of hemstitching.

This precise device isn’t computerized for design enhancing like the ones you saw previously, however it’s nonetheless pretty effective for machine embroidery so long as you’re prepared to create more of your design manually. Because it’s so adjustable, reachable, and clean to navigate, and because it comes with a plethora of various needles and pressers for for working on exclusive materials and with exceptional results, this serger is one which novices to manual device embroidery for easy such things as monograms on hats and different pieces may excel at the usage of.


  • Can Works with 2-3-4-5 stitches. 
  • Can work up to 1300 stitches per minute.


  • Thread stand is pretty flimsy. 

5. SINGER Legacy SE300 Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine

In phrases of its actual embroidery competencies, this machine includes each small and big embroidery hoops for special-sized projects. It also features a uniquely shaped base with an expansive embroidery place so that you can add monograms and different little information to all way of projects, hats included. It even comes entire with a complicated bobbin system which can wind whilst you’re embroidering!

SINGER Legacy SE300 Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Meanwhile, the backlit display, even though smaller than some you’ve visible, gives you full manipulate over choosing and making restrained customizations to over two hundred stitch patterns, six alphabet options for lettering and monograms, and capabilities that make uploading your very own designs from a USB stick quite easy. You clearly can whole simple stitching tasks in this machine, however this gadget truly centers embroidery as its primary characteristic.


  • 6 alphabet options available for lettering and monograms.
  • You can import extra designs with a USB stick.


  • Work table is pretty narrow.

Tips before using your embroidery machine for hats

  1. Make sure you understand the difference among exclusive stabilizers and their functions before buying one. Not they all can be used for each situation and having the proper stabilizer can make all distinction.
  2. Always check new designs on an old t-blouse or cap first, to make sure that the sewing is the way you want it in your very last item. For instance, complicated designs with overlapping sewing can without difficulty come to be puckered in case you don’t understand what you’re doing. For this purpose, we propose beginning with simpler designs until you are greater practiced in shirt and hat embroidery. After all, practice makes best!
  3. Remember to constantly use the smallest needle possible, as large needles may additionally smash your designs. Double-check with your gadget’s manual in case you want help figuring out which needle to use.
  4. Using the right hoop length is vitally vital: improperly sized hoops may additionally result in material stretching out or puckering.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Which is the best embroidery machine for Hats

It relies upon for your price range and the main cause of the machine. For domestic use machines and to reap an exquisite fine of stitches, pick any Janome embroidery machine. If your finances is a chunk tighter, a very good alternative might be a Brother embroidery gadget.

Do embroidery machines work on hats?

Of course, they do! You just need to examine a few tricks and exercise the way it all works, but certainly, all of us can use an embroidery machine for hats and caps.

Procedure to embroider a hat?

  1. An embroidery machine for hats, thread, stabilizer, and a hat.
  2. Hoop the stabilizer and fasten it to the embroidery gadget.
  3. Load the layout onto the gadget.
  4. Select the proper thread shade and anxiety.
  5. Embroider the design onto the hat.
  6. Remove the hoop and stabilizer from the machine.
  7. Cut away any extra thread and stabilizer.
  8. Enjoy your new embroidered hat!