Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

It’s never smooth to spend the cash with out a backup review. Did the gadget training session of the container? Do embroidery designs look professional? It isn’t any clean mission, I understand that. So after reading that bestseller Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is discontinued, my eyes went straight for his or her newest and stepped forward model, Brother PE800.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

Apparently, after fixing the maximum commonplace issues experimented on by using PE770 users, Brother manufactured a much brighter version for a totally similar fee.

And guess what, 80% of customers have rated it with over 4 out of five stars.

That’s why in this article you may discover all of the facts and opinions about the Brother PE800 embroidery device that customers have referred to, to help you decide at the same time as saving you loads of searching.

For whom is that this embroidery machine?

Thanks to how clean to apply it, the Brother PE800 turns into specially best for novices of every age. Moreover, the huge coloration LCD screen has been designed to encourage the youngest to navigate through the huge variety of options that it entails.

Besides, its functions make it so flexible that it will without problems cover the demands of extraordinarily experienced system embroiderers and small home groups.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Designs

Here are all of the embroidery designs for Brother PE800 that you may use.

138 Built-In Embroidery Designs

This wonderful device comes with 138 designs, that is counting in eleven embroidery fonts that will help you personalize your designs. Plus, a CD with 15.000 greater designs. And on top of it, you can use the design editing capabilities to rotate, reflect-photo, growth and decrease the design size.

Brother PE800 Software

Brother PE800 does aid digitizing software so, in case you need to convert your files from .Jpg or .Jpeg into .Pes or .Dst layout you could constantly create and export your patterns with it. And no, I’m afraid Brother PE800 does not come with any software covered. You may have to buy it as a further shall you need it.

I would say this one is the pleasant embroidery software program for Brother PE800.


Compatible with iBroidery to permit you to import any unique layout that you want to embroider

Disney Designs

This gadget, in particular, doesn’t deliver any Disney designs. Nevertheless, you can always export them out of your laptop or have the choice to buy some from Brother USA or iBroidery.

If you anticipated this system to encompass a few Disney designs, don’t get discouraged, this other version from Brother does come with 45 Disney designs.

Tips before buying Brother PE800 Embroidery Only Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery

Brother PE800 Embroidery

11 Built-in fonts: 7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic font styles are perfect for monogramming and lettering
On-Going Offer
  • Take into consideration that you’ll want stabilizers to embroider your designs. It prevents puckering and continues the threads in region, so shopping some precise stabilizer becomes a ought to. It may also assist with making your designs look professional.
  • If you need to store some days of shipping waiting, order a few more needles considering those can be breaking now and then.
  • You ought to use a stand-up type holder for the spool of the higher thread to keep your needles from breaking too often.
  • Some special device embroidery thread may additionally be of use.
  • When the usage of the hat hoop, you would possibly need to flatten the cap out by using putting off stitches for a right embroider earlier than stitching the seams back.
  • Search on YouTube for some tutorials on account that there are masses of them and can be very beneficial.
  • Sometimes these machines don’t arrive with the proper bobbin and thread tension, and amateurs end up questioning that there may be something wrong with their new unit or even that the model is surely of poor best. Again, Youtube is your new best friend.
  • I suggest being patient. Embroidering with Brother PE800 is straightforward as soon as the way to use it. Watch some tutorials on the topic on line and examine, analyze, learn. I promise you, once you get it set, you will have a very dependable device performing perfectly: no birds’ nests and no damaged upper thread.

What more to Know before Buying Brother PE800

If you’re new to embroidery, some other issue to remember is all the add-ons which can be had to embroider for the primary time: stabilizers, embroidery threads, and many others. It may appear to be you’re just expending money at the actual system, however the reality is that in case you don’t have any embroidery fabric at domestic, you can easily want $one hundred fifty-$300 in additional prices to take complete advantage of this gadget.

Wondering where to buy the Brother PE800 embroidery gadget?

Brother PE800 file format

I realize it sounds boring however some thing very vital that is frequently left out whilst deciding on a brand new embroidery device is the layout format that it could examine. In this example, with Brother machines, you will have to convert them first into .Pes format in case you need to embroider your designs.

But, in the end, handiest expert machines will study .Jpg or .Jpeg formats. A small sacrifice to store numerous thousand bucks. Besides, you could continually appearance up online how to convert your designs from .Jpg or .Jpeg into .Pes or put money into a few embroidery digitizing software.


  • Personalize styles and edit your designs on-display
  • Excellent nice of stitching for a truthful fee
  • 138 Built-in designs such as 11 fonts
  • Easily transfer your designs to the system with an USB


  • There is no storage space in this machine

Key Features of Brother PE800

  • It’s is a single needle machine this means that that you may need to change threads in case your design is multi-coloured. But cheer up because this model will prevent after finishing with each colour and will let you know which thread to installation next.
  • It consists of on-display editing capabilities which makes customizing a design so much less complicated. Also, the colour screen is obvious and clean to use, allowing you to look what you’re embroidering.
  • Put any embroidery styles on the machine to embroider with the USB flash power port.
  • This version of embroidery machine is very smooth to use and has a first-rate studying curve which makes it perfect for novices. With a great examine of the guide and a few YouTube tutorials to regulate the anxiety, absolutely everyone may want to use it.
  • The fee is usually a key issue when selecting a brand new gadget. Luckily for all of you accessible, the Brother PE 800 is notably low cost so if you have a constrained price range, maintain analyzing.

Some Additional Features of Brother PE800

Brother PE800 Hoops

The gadget comes with a completely unique 5″ x7″ hoop and, in this situation, the most great pattern that the system will examine is five″ x7″.

However, you could reposition the ring permitting a larger design. Just cut up the pattern into or greater pieces. You will then need to embroider one after the opposite. Don’t neglect to exercise in advance in view that alignment is essential.

The unit does allow for specific positioning with a bit of staying power.

Color Touch LCD Screen

On this new version, you could add and edit a couple of designs and fonts on-display; you can drag and drop embroidery patterns, you can place letters in an arc and on strains, and you may even flow and function your layout with the contact of your finger. I discover it very intuitive and best for all ranges of users.

Furthermore, the PE800 has a built-in coloration palette that lets in you to change the original thread colour at the display screen. Just wow!

Automatic Needle Threader

With a touch of a lever, the gadget will thread the needle for you.

When embroidering I advise you buy a large field of pre-wound bobbins, so you don’t need to wind your personal. The bobbin uses a 90 weight bobbin thread.
This device works on 110V. However, you can usually use a converter in case you need it for 220V.

Super Bright Work Area

The embroidering vicinity and around the needle counts with two vibrant LED lighting with a view to be mainly beneficial when sewing dark fabric or positioning the designs within the hoop. This manner, you will shop your eyes a few unneeded attempt.

Great for Beginners

This system takes place to be the appropriate embroidery device for beginners but, don’t forget that this is an handiest embroidery gadget. It does not stitch. You should duvet and do appliqué with it, but it’s going to by no means paintings as a sewing device.

Free Motion Quilt

If you drop the feed dogs, you will be capable you operate this system for quilting. You can usually download quilting designs from the net, however take into account to buy the proper presser foot “Q” if you don’t have one yet.


How may want to an embroidery version so whole as such no longer do appliqué? It does a wonderful job with this form of embroidery, and in case you don’t have your designs, you may continually go for the grand slam package because it comes with a CD that contains a variety of appliqué designs.

Hats, T-Shirts and Socks Embroidery Hoops

All other hoop sizes must be offered one at a time, which is probably a drawback, proper? They’re now not the first-rate pleasant, even though they do work simply nice.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

Warranty Specifications

Most Brother home machines, such as PE800, have a very decent warranty that consists of the following.

25 Years from the unique purchase date for the Chassis Casting
five years from the unique purchase date for Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards (substitute labor excluded)
1 year from the original buy date for Parts, Labor, and accompanying Accessory Items

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine + Grand Slam Package

Apart from the real system, the Brother PE800 Grand Slam Package option includes each fundamental accessory that you may be wished when the use of your system for the very first time.

It is ideal for amateur users who haven’t got ahold of all of the essential bits and portions that embroidering actually implies.

The Grand Slam Package of this unit includes:

  • sixty four Embroidery Threads
  • Prewound Bobbins
  • Cap Hoop
  • Sock Hoop
  • Stabilizer*
  • 15,000 Designs
  • Scissors
Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

*Stabilizer: A fabric used to guide the fabric being embroidered on to keep it from puckering or stretching. Choosing the right stabilizer for every mission has a huge impact on the very last result.

Now, we understand that the fee of a bundle of sixty four Embroidery Threads is around 60$ and, that the distinction of the Basic Package with the Grand Slam Package is two hundred$ about.

With this in thoughts, and contemplating the amount of time waste and frustration that you will get once you understand which you need to order more gadgets so one can begin embroidering with your new device, I could say that the Grand Slam Package is simply worth the extra money.

Nevertheless, if you have already got a number of these accessories at domestic, be careful. Choosing this superb cost bundle ought to emerge as a waste of cash on your case.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What is the difference between brother pe800 and pe770?

New Brother PE800 vs discontinued PE770 has the subsequent upgrades:
– Color LCD Screen vs Grey-scale one.
– 850 velocity of stitches in line with minute vs 650.
– 138 built-in embroidery designs vs 136.
– 11 integrated fonts vs 6.
– Added computerized needle threader vs. Guide.

Can you sew with the brother pe770 or pe800?

No, each models are embroidery handiest machines because of this that the ones can simplest carry out 2D embroidery designs like the ones of emblems or T-shirts and now not sew instantly.

Which Brother embroidery machine is the best?

If you don’t need to spend over 5k for a professional machine, the pleasant choice within the market is the new Brother PE800 (full review).
However, some different superb options are, relying in your wishes, Brother SE600, Brother PE535, Brother PE550D (Disney designs protected) and combination system Brother SE1900.
Read here a complete evaluate of all of the above-noted models.