Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine

A strolling foot gadget “walks” with the material so that the top fabric does not stretch out as tons where a everyday gadget would barely pull the top material making your stitching choppy. And the principle distinction with the foot accessory is that the whole stitching gadget is helping the foot walk over the cloth. Some machines paintings with toes while others may have 3.

Now, a strolling foot accessory is an additional foot that has a double foot to maintain the leather in opposition to the sewing gadget with certainly one of its portions. The different piece walks over it to move it backward and stitch once more.

Honestly, whenever we need to sew heavy materials, we want to be using a taking walks foot. The most important cause is that it’s going to forestall slippering away and also you’ll be able to clearly reap stitches of identical period.

5 Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine

1. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Sewing Machine

With a clearance of 14 mm under the presser foot and a sew period of up to 10 mm you already sense that this device goes to paintings quite properly with heavy-responsibility substances like medium, and thick leather.

Consew 206RB-5 is a notable entire taking walks foot gadget that may be your best choice if you deal on a every day basis with heavy to medium weight initiatives. From marine vinyl, leather upkeep, canvas work, or upholstery to apparel garments. Simply change the needle, modify the tension and stitch length, and begin stitching.

Be positive that the strength of this business device will pull the fabric thru notwithstanding its weight and without breaking needles.

You might be wondering that any such workhorse must be noise, but you will be surprised by using how quiet it simply is for what it does. Perfect for installing it at home and not disturbing about bothering pals.

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Triple or Compound Feed gives excellent stitch and clean stitching
  • Great if you want to apply it on leather-based, denim and vinyl
  • Bobbin type M to hold masses of thread
  • Centralized Lubrication System


  • A bit rough for mild apparel
  • Use the motor belt to wind the bobbin on a separate device

2. Juki LU-1508NS Walking Foot Sewing Machine

At a fee of a few thousand, the Juki LU-1508NS has many notable features, consisting of a protection seize to keep away from hook breakage, a knee raise mechanism to help you even as your fingers are busy sewing, or a dual- mechanism to help excessive-tension sewing with a thick thread and that will help you obtain the equal satisfactory stitch with all sorts of materials.

Another terrific function this is unique to a few Juki machines is the square feed gadget, which replaces the elliptical feed. Basically, this gadget is designed to permit correct feed of more heavy materials while keeping off sew accumulating.

And let’s not neglect to talk approximately the automatic bobbin winder to growth your productiveness or the 6.5 mm most alternating vertical movement of your foot and presser foot to limit bobbin switching and increase productivity even greater.

Juki LU-1508NS Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Includes Servo Motor & Table
  • Accurate stitches on heavy substances
  • Fully assembled


  • High Price

3. Juki DNU-1541S Walking Foot Sewing Machine

This version is bought as a entire unit and consists of all the vital factors to start stitching leather-based right away: the gadget head, the economic desk with a drawer, a stand, a servo motor, a stitching mild, and so forth.

The S from Juki DNU-1541S stands for Safety Motor because of this that the engine will mechanically stop within the event of stitching problems to save you harm to the system. If you discover it useless and need to shop a few money, simply go for Juki DNU-1541.

Juki DNU-1541S might be the fine industrial strolling foot gadget that you can installation at domestic. Without a trouble, it sews thru six layers of leather-based and does it easily. To paintings on leather-based, you could need to slow down the velocity when working on corners or complex areas with the aid of liberating pressure off its touchy pedal.

Juki DNU-1541S Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Rectangular feeding.
  • Double-tension Mechanism.
  • Outstanding performance.


  • High Budget

4. Consew P1206RB Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine

This portable taking walks foot gadget comes with an prolonged surface that you can fold up as soon as you are finished stitching supporting you store area. Besides, way to its sporting case, you can easily take it to your stitching instructions in case you want to.

Additionally, Consew P1206RB is a directly stitch workhorse that provides a most velocity of 800 per minute, perfectly appropriate for operating on leather and especially designed for tough work.

Each element on this machine has been engineered so that thicker fabrics are easy to address: from the stitch length controller, the lowest twin feed, and the height under the foot.

Consew P1206RB Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Portable
  • Carrying Case
  • Included Servo Motor & Table


  • Teeth might mark the leather-based if now not sanded first

5. Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine

This model is a amazing portable business stitching gadget to handle heavy materials thanks to its triple feed and adjustable lift in the foot. This sews all varieties of leather-based weights without cutting a sew, from thin to thick, with the useful resource of a servo motor.

Once sanded, the Consew CP206RL can undergo leather, like butter, while not having any marks on it, since it’s been constructed to sew objects including wood, crusing, tents, and add-ons for journeying.

Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Portable


  • A Speed reducer is suggested to paintings on leather-based

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Which is the best sewing machine for leather and heavy-weight materials?

The perfect business stitching device could be a on foot foot or triple feed compound version however it all depends on several elements just like the leather thickness you will be sewing or your budget. Read full article.

Do I want a unique stitching machine for heavy-weight materials like leather-based?

As a expert leather crafter, sure, you do. However, if you’re an newbie it could be sufficient with including a on foot foot accessory to any commercial gadget which you own or to your own home model if you may use it sparingly.