Top 5 Best Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting

As you turn out to be greater confident along with your stitching and quilting abilities, you’ll obviously need to push the limits of your capabilities to new horizons with large and more complicated tasks—including with bigger quilts. Consequently, you start dreaming of a device with a larger harp area and more piercing electricity.

5 Best Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting

1. Juki TL-2010Q Quilting Machine

Even though the Juki TL-2010Q is what you’d call a midarm quilting gadget, it comes with a massive 23″ total extension desk. Of path, you’ll locate machines with large harps on our list, but this version deserves a gap as it can expertly keep even larger quilts in the region while constantly turning in a first-rate direct stitch underneath its excessive shank. You can even use it with a frame or whilst status up so it might simply be all you need.

In addition, the Juki TL-2010Q comes with the whole thing you can possibly need, including a huge extension desk and several presser toes, not like the Janome 1600P which you’ll discover under.

Juki TL-2010Q Quilting Machine


  • Built for quilting.
  • Lock stitch function.
  • Instant needle up and down, no looking forward to the following sew just like the Brother PQ1500SL.


  • No zig-zag nor decorative stitches
  • Juki doesn’t make an open-toe walking foot

2. Brother PQ1500SL Quilting Machine

What makes the Brother PQ1500SL specific is the Pin feed mechanism, which uses a small pin on the bottom feed to help feed the fabric. This characteristic can also effortlessly become off if you don’t want to apply it or haven’t any need for it.

Even without a devoted velocity control slider, the responsive foot pedal offers users the whole control to shift from full velocity to single stitching, all at the same time as maintaining a flawless feed and pleasant stitch end.

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting Machine


  • The pedal foot may be very responsive and clean to govern, which makes converting stitch speeds a delight.
  • Built-in Knee Lifter leaving both hands loose for material coping.
  • It comes with a huge extension table.


  • No Free Arm.
  • The needle up and down function stops running on the following stitch, in preference to without delay.
  • Only immediately stitches, no zig-zag nor ornamental stitches.

3. Janome 1600P-QC Quilting Machine

The Janome 1600P is a workhorse, a solid machine that sews a beautiful straight line as fast as you want to move.

This system is extremely good heavy at 32 lbs, with many perks and few downsides while as compared to the weight of different machines. On one hand, it won’t flow while you’re quilting heavy-duty projects and could stay notably solid. On the other hand, in case you need a transportable device to take with you to training or sewing circles, the decreased weight of the Juki 2010Q or of the Brother PQ1500SL might be a better match for the purposes of the ones at the same time as nonetheless providing you comparable talents standard.

Janome 1600P-QC Quilting Machine


  • Very well made and with steel chassis for longer sturdiness and persistence.
  • The pedal foot may be very responsive and clean to govern, which makes changing sew speeds a satisfaction.
  • Built-in Knee Lifter leaving both hands free for fabric handling.


  • No extension table is covered.
  • No Free Arm.
  • Only immediately stitches, no zig-zag nor decorative stitches.

4. Janome MC6650 Quilting Machine

The Janome MC6650 is ideal at no cost movement quilting and has the biggest throat area of any device in its fee range that we’ve discovered for home use.

It sews everything from very mild fabric to heavy denim. The system’s metal body gives it sufficient heft to stay in location regardless of the scale of your mission. It’s additionally a terrific choice for those that want a quilting gadget that could create immediately stitches along with different ornamental stitches options together with alphabets or even zigzags.

Janome MC6650 Quilting Machine


  • It comes with a lock sew function.
  • The notable lighting fixtures talents this device offers.
  • The amazing 10″ throat space for cumbersome initiatives and large quilts.


  • You want to buy the Even/Walking Foot and ¼” Foot one by one.
  • No Knee Lifter Included.

5. Janome 8200QDP Quilting Machine

The Janome 8200QCP gives the whole thing any quilter could ever want in a single device, including the equation lots of quilting and free-motion presser feet, ornamental stitches, AccuFeed, adjustable presser foot stress, the option for sewing by using finger control instead of by using foot, thread cutter, or even automobile-tension.

If you’re on a budget, the handiest drawback might be the 8200QDP’s price. But in case you’re obtainable seeking to improve to 1 splendid machine and never appear again, this Janome is, truly, a superb choice to consider.

Janome 8200QDP Quilting Machine


  • It comes with a directly stitched place, an incredible to-piece cover.
  • The 5 LED lightning is extraordinary making the stitching floor shadow unfastened.
  • It has a thread cutter close to the bobbin winder, a small exquisite detail.
  • It offers you a Start/Stop button + Speed Slider, perfect for hand-unfastened quilting.


  • Horizontal thread delivery system not best

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is a good throat size for quilting?

The throat on a short-arm or home machine is commonly 9 inches or less. A home stitching device with a quilting characteristic might also have a throat of only 7 or 8 inches.