Agnipath Yojana: 40 Thousand salary, 44 Lakh Insurance

Friends, by making a big change in the army recruitment by the Government of India, now the recruitment process has been made even easier for the youth! Under which now the youth of the country will be able to become Agniveer in the army! Such youths and women who are between 17 years to 21 years can apply in the army under the agnipath scheme to become Agniveer and dedicate their service to the country and the nation!

Agnipath Yojana: 40 Thousand salary, 44 Lakh Insurance

Let us tell you that the youth who will be selected under the agnipath scheme will be placed in the army on a monthly salary of 30 thousand! Agniveers will also get EPF and PPF facility! Apart from this, many other facilities will also be available to Agniveers under the agnipath scheme!

Through this post of today, how can we apply under the agnipath scheme and the youth of the country under the agnipath scheme! Will give full details about it! So you read this post completely! So that you can get complete information about agnipath scheme!

Agnipath Scheme in Details

Friends, while announcing the agnipath scheme, it was clearly said by Rajnath Singh that this would increase the employment opportunities within the country, as well as the spirit of national service within the country and the youth preparing to go to the military forces would be recruited in the three armies of the country. Get a golden chance! Along with this, Agniveers in the country will get employment opportunities in various fields from the skills and experience acquired during Agniveer service!

An effort is being made by the government under the Agneepath scheme that Indian! The profile of the Armed Forces should be as strong and youthful as the profile of the population of the country. Who will be eligible for recruitment under the Agneepath scheme and what kind of recruitment and facilities they will get, complete information is being provided to you!

Eligibility to become Agniveer under Agneepath Scheme:

Here we are going to tell you the eligibility to become Agniveer, the youth who want to apply under Agneepath scheme, their age should be between 17 to 21 years!

Selection Process under Agneepath Scheme:

  1. Candidates will be selected under the Services Act for 4 years.
  2. There will be no change of any kind in the selection process!
  3. There will be a transparent evaluation by the Center on the basis of merit and performance during the four-year service tenure.
  4. 100% Applicants Can Apply For Regular Qadar As Volunteer!

Salary Package under Agneepath Scheme:

For all Agniveers, the government has announced a retirement fund, which will be provided to Agniveers every month! In this, in the first year, the youth will be kept on salary of 30 thousand rupees every month. Along with this, the facility of EPF and PPF will also be given to Agniveers. Army Agniveers will get 4.76 lakh salary in the first year. But till the fourth year Agniveer will be able to get 40 thousand rupees per month! Which if seen according to the year, would be around Rs 6.92 lakhs!

Combined Monthly Salary and Package:

  • 1st year package 30,000 per month!
  • 40,000 per month till the fourth year!
  • Risk, ration and suitable travel discount will also be available!

These allowances will be available with the package:

Agniveers will get salary and annual package as well as major perks in which risk and hardship will also be kept! Apart from this, the facility of EPF and PPF will also be given to Agniveers. Ration dress and travel allowance will also be included! If any Agniveer is disabled during the service, he will be given full payment and interest for the non-service period. The service fund will be kept free from income tax. Here you also need to note that Agniveer will not be entitled for gratuity and pensionary benefits!

48 thousand rupees to the firefighters within the country for their duration in the Indian armed hair! Non contributory life insurance cover will also be provided. The retirement will be received on the basis of contribution of 30% of the monthly salary in which the same amount will be contributed by the government. After 4 years, the benefit of a combined fund of 10.4 lakh and accrued instead will be given free of income tax! Agniveer Candidate will be eligible for Service Fund after completing the tenure of four years!

Veergati Package during Nation Service:

If due to any reason, during the service period of service to the nation and the defense of the nation, an Agniveer dies, then it will be compensated by giving a non-contributory life insurance cover of 48 lakhs! An additional ex-gratia amount of Rs 44 lakh will be given on death during service in the Indian Army. Note that the retirement portion of the unserved portion for four years along with the service fund will also be given to the Agniveers!

During this period, if there is any kind of disability, then Agniveer will be compensated according to the disability by the medical officer. Additional ex-gratia amount of 44/25/15 lakh will be given on 100/75/50% disability.

Agniveer will be able to volunteer for army recruitment after 4 years:

After completing the service of Agniveers in the Indian Army / Indian Army, if there is a recruitment in the army! So there will also be an opportunity to volunteer and participate in it! However, only then will it be possible! When the army recruits came out at that time! The army will also benefit greatly from this!

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